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Attention Line
Medical Officer Regular Clinic in local RACF
Vacancy Type
ACF GP Support
Position Title
ACF GP Support
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Eligible 3GA placement?
Eligible OMPS placement?
Position From
03 Dec 2019
Ad Expiry Date
03 Mar 2020
Date Posted
03 Sep 2019
Date Updated
03 Sep 2019


Position Description

Greenmount Gardens, a Residential Aged Care Facility based in Mount Hutton requires assistance with medical cover of some of our residents. We currently have 4 wonderful doctors covering 42 residents however it is becoming apparent that not all our residents are able to be seen as frequently as they wish or need to be seen and our doctors are very busy with their external practices as well as trying to service Greenmount. 





Essentials Description

Registered General Practitioner

Desirables Description

A Passion for caring for the Aged with multiple co-morbidities.


Description of Facilities

Within the facility we have access to medical director software, a Registered Nurse or EEN / Cert IV TL every day of the week to assist doctors with meeting with clients and have a clinic room where you can see residents. MD3 can also be access from your surgery and information on how this is to be set up is available on request.

Aged Care medication charts are now functioning as scripts for all but Schedule 8 medications which decreases the workload for MO’s. Medication Charts are provided through our pharmacy every 3 months requiring MO’s to review and sign new charts for use each quarter as per legislation. Pharmacy 4 Less will liaise with doctors regarding provision of S8 scripts and will pick up scripts from your surgery if desired, otherwise will accept faxed scripts while awaiting originals in the mail.

We have a comprehensive system in place to assist medical officers to manage the clinical governance of our residents including a nurse practitioner on staff across all Anglican Care sites who will also liaise with MO’s and review residents when needed. Our Nurse Practitioner specialises in palliative and end of life care.

Description of Benefits

Medicare billing covers payment for all residents seen in the facility. This includes PIP incentive payments as per legislation for managing different disease processes such as Diabetes, Asthma etc.

Care Plan completion also attracts further funding through medicare.

Contact Details:

Practice Name
Greenmount Gardens RACF
Contact Name
Leeanne Dove
Main Phone
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4 Bristol Close
Mount Hutton, NSW, 2290